Jealous Thai Man Sets His Wife on Fire after Discovering her Numerous Selfies on Facebook


He poured gasoline all over her, before setting her on fire.

Jealousy is one of the things that can cause major rifts in a relationship. I call it the “Relationship Killer.” However, this man’s jealousy literally put his wife’s life in danger, after he set her on fire.

In the small town of Chiang Kham, a man named Chatchawarn set his wife, Nednapha Nuankhul on fire after pouring gasoline all over her. His reason? He was simply jealous of the attention she was getting from her selfies on social media.

According to reports, Nuankhul posted three consecutive selfies on Facebook, prompting Kham to throw a fit in a jealous rage. The argument soon escalated and turned deadly violent. He suddenly poured gasoline all over his wife’s body, and lit her up. Nuankhul’s body was engulfed in flames.

She was soon taken to a nearby hospital where her injuries were treated and was required to undergo three operations, with several more required in the following months.

After being discharged from the hospital, Nuankhul had this to say:

“It has scarred me on the outside and in my heart, too. But I have to forgive my husband because we have a child together. When the fire was burning I felt like I knew that hell was real. It was the worst pain and terror anybody could ever imagine.

“I’m like this now forever and I know that hell exists. You can run away from anything but you cannot run away from karma.”

Nuankhul’s friend, Sudarat Khunarup, photographed the burned wife’s injuries in an effort to raise funds for her treatment.

Sudarat said:

“She has had surgery on her neck, mouth and chin two or three times already. Her fingers are also very badly damaged and she needs more surgery on her right arm, and she has many ligament problems now.”

“She cannot work and she her husband cannot support her because he is in prison. Now she needs help with necessities such as water, alcohol ointment for the wounds, cotton fabrics, dressings and other medical supplies.”

Chatchawarn is currently in custody after he admitted to setting his wife on fire.

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