German Guy Swims To Work to Avoid Traffic—and He Says It Works Better and Faster for Him!


Sick and tired of traffic, he decided to swim to work every day!

The top reason why many workers are always late is because of traffic. Some people even have to get up at least 3-4 hours before their job starts, just to make sure that they make it in time. Imagine what you can do with that many hours! Fed-up with the grind of taking a bus or bike to work every day on congested streets in Munich, Benjamin David decided to swim across River Isar to get to work.

Fortunately, the bar where he works is just by the edge of the river. He packs his laptop and clothes into a waterproof bag which he puts on his back, dons his wetsuit and slides into the River Isar for his journey. Not only does he get to work faster, he works out by swimming too.

“It is beautifully refreshing and also the fastest way,” Benjamin David told Reuters Television.

“I used to go by bike or bus or car or on foot and you need much longer. Today the current was quite strong and I only needed about 12 minutes,” he said.

However, in winter the river, which flows near the center of the Bavarian capital, can get chilly, at temperatures of about 4 degrees.

“I mostly do this in summer. I am a bit of a wimp, but you can also do it in winter, then I’ve got a longer wet suit,” he said.

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