Couple Making Out at a Bar While People Watched Goes Viral—Guess They Couldn’t Afford to Check-in!


Warning: Mature content. Viewer discretion is advised.

With more people getting more sexually active, more and more teens and young adults engage in sexual activities as well. Because of this, more people are getting infected with STD’s and HIV, while the number of unwanted pregnancies have been gradually increasing for the past years.

Hotels and motels have increased in number as well, present in every corner of every city. However, not many people could afford checking in, and the best option would be to either make out at home, or in public. But why would people make love in public? How could anyone be so foolish? So rash?

How prevalent is public sex? A 2006 online survey of nearly 80,000 men and women, most of whom were involved in monogamous relationships, found that 22 percent had had sex in some kind of public venue. However, even with that many people engaging in public sex, it is never acceptable to society. It makes witnesses disgusted and uncomfortable—or worse—children might be able to witness such an inappropriate act.

This young couple was caught on camera making out at a bar, even with people present and watching around them. It all started with one torrid kiss that ended with the couple getting all heated up and not caring about who is seeing what. Though the video has been taken down due to inappropriate content on Facebook, screenshots from the video show how the couple acted in public.

Many netizens were shocked and disgusted at the couple’s act, with some even criticizing the couple for not having money to check in a motel or a hotel. The sad part is that the couple seem to be of young age, and their parents may not be aware of their children’s actions in public.

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