She was often mistaken to be Gay, a Man, or a Lesbian Because Of Her Extremely Short Hair!


Are men the only people allowed to have short hair?

There are people who have a tendency to be judgemental, and that includes towards women having short hair. Women traditionally have long hair, making it quite an issue to see women with very short hair. Some assume women with short hair are lesbians, and that tends to attract negative attention. Thing weren’t different for Jasmine Brosas Araneta.

The beautiful Filipina decided to cut her hair short one day, and many people immediately noticed it. Unfortunately, not all comments were positive. She was often mistaken for a man, a lesbian, or even gay sometimes.

Jasmine clarified that she has nothing against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals. However, she was bothered by how people perceived her. She listed down some examples:

(one) NV
Ate 1: Ang ganda naman ni ate! (She’s so beautiful!)
Ate 2: Ay nako, bakla naman yan eh! (She’s gay!)

(two) NV
inoffer ko yung seat ko sa isang nanay na may dalang baby. (She offered her seat to a mother with child.)
Ateng nasa kabilang side: Ang bait naman ni ate girl. (She’s so nice.)
Ateng katabi ni ateng nasa kabilang side: Dapat lang no, lalaki naman siya. (He’s a man anyway.)

Pag magkasama kame ni boyfie, napagkakamalan syang may jowang bakla. (Nadamay pa jowabels ko sa kaartehan ko) Buti nalang may pahabol na, “Buti nalang maganda yung bakla.” (nv)

(Whenever she was with her boyfriend, people would often mistake her for being in a gay relationship with a man.)

Together with several of her pictures, Jasmine said on her post that people shouldn’t judge people by how they look. Not because she has short hair means that she is gay, or lesbian, or a man. She says that men aren’t the only people allowed to have short hair.

She added: “PS. Hindi rin ibig sabihin ng nagpa-shorthair eh NAG-MOVEON, NAG-REBELDE, NAG-TANGGAL NG STRESS, or NAGPAKATOMBOY na. Okays?!”

(It doesn’t mean that when a woman cuts her hair short that she is trying to move on, rebelling, is trying to remove stress, or is becoming a lesbian. Okay?)


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