Watch Keanu Reeves train for the badass stunts of ‘John Wick 2’


If you’re a fan of John Wick, you’ve probably seen this behind-the-scenes video of Keanu Reeves obliterating targets while doing his weapons training. The creators of John Wick Chapter 2 were clearly aware of the interest, because they just released a similar video for the sequel.

The 12-minute featurette goes behind the scenes of Reeves’ martial arts training for John Wick 2, a process that took four months of daily workouts and stunt lessons. He and the other actors did an unusual amount of stunts themselves, including prolonged hand-to-hand fight scenes and car chases.

It’s pretty typical to hear filmmakers praising the dedication of their lead actors, but with Keanu Reeves and John Wick, you kind of have to believe it. You can really see why the John Wick franchise has such a dedicated cult following.

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