PAL Flight Attendant Dubbed a ‘Homewrecker’ after Dating a Married Man and Harassing His Wife


According to the flight attendant, her family knows she is a mistress and they are okay with it.

In the recent years, mistresses are often being shamed on social media. These relationships that should be kept secret are shared for the world the world to see, as a form of punishment for those involved. A recent post on Facebook by user Krizty Cheng has gained thousands of reactions.

According to Cheng, she caught her husband cheating back in 2015. Apparently, he was in a relationship with Jeezreen Kaye Eleda, a Philippine Airlines flight attendant. Cheng caught Eleda messaging her husband back in 2015, even calling him babe.

Cheng confronted Eleda, who claims that she knows her ‘boyfriend’ is actually married, and that her entire family knows it too, but they chose to support her instead.

However, Cheng’s husband chose to ‘fix’ their marriage instead, and they started dating again. But soon after a few dates, Eleda started harassing Cheng, claiming that she was still in a relationship with Cheng’s husband.

Eleda says she is still together with Cheng’s husband and there is no way they will be breaking up soon. Upon reading this, Cheng realized that she has been fooled not once, but twice, by the same people in her lifetime.

Cheng wrote and shared the post to ‘warn’ other married women of Diane, as she might victimize other families. Cheng and her husband have been married for four years, but they have been together for more than 13 years.

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