This Japanese Tourists Keeps Coming Back to the Philippines to Help and Feed the Poor and Homeless


“Eating is a privilege for those who work.” – Takashi Castillo

Poverty in the Philippines is becoming worse through the years. More and more people are found begging for food and money in the streets, just to survive. Street children fill even the most elite of villages, hoping for somebody to reach out and help them.

Unfortunately, not everybody is ready to help these poor souls. They are often ignored and avoided when other people bump into them in the streets. With this at hand, street children are forced to do evil deeds like stealing, so that they can at least eat once a day.

Tourists often enjoy the many beautiful places Philippines has to give. Thousands of islands with breathtakingly beautiful views in addition to the hospitality and friendliness of its people—Philippines has made millions of tourists come back for more.

But for Takashi Castillo, his reason for coming back to the Philippines was to help many poor Filipinos. On his Facebook page, he shared numerous photos of himself together with poor Filipinos in the streets of Cebu City.

On his Facebook post, Takashi said, “Please be patient until I succeed. Whatever happens, I want to help Homeless and I want to change the Philippines.

“But dont forget! Eating is a privilege for those who work. I like people who strive.

“Think about people who cannot eat every day. You have to thank to food. Thou shouldst eat to live not live to eat.

It’s all about the journey, not the outcome.”

According to him, he intends to come back to the Philippines and help more people in need. Netizens were amazed by his sincerity and golden heart.

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