This Female Korean Model is setting the Internet on Fire with Her Extremely Large ‘Assets’


It is unusual to see Korean women who has them big as she has.

Models are expected to be beautiful and a sexy body to match their looks. However, this Asian model is particularly gaining more and more fans by the day because of one ‘huge’ reason.

Yet another Asian model is driving male fans into a frenzy with her sexy photos, showing off her ‘big assets’. A South-Korean freelance model only known as Ji-seong based on her Instagram account is literally setting the internet on fire with her hot bod—specifically her large, well, uh, boobs.

A recent study showed that the smallest average breast volumes [belong to] women born in Africa and Asia, particularly in the East Asian countries. “The cup size ‘A,’ or even smaller, was found to be the average cup size in many of the countries in these regions,” the research said.

With this at hand, it is rare to see Asian women with large breasts. Many netizens accused her of having plastic surgery done on her, specifically on her breasts. However, plastic surgery in South Korea is very common, making her breast size no big deal for many South Koreans.

As  of this article’s writing, Ji-Seong’s followers has reached a whopping 164,000 on Instagram—even surpassing some Korean idols and actors.

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