She Tied Her Dog To A Tree. What She Did Next Is Unspeakably Cruel


Dogs are amazing companions, and they’re also able to help with all kinds of tasks.

Emotional support animals are becoming more and more commonly recognized, and it’s true that owning a pet can lower your stress levels. For soldiers with PTSD, pets can even be lifesavers, always there for them when they need someone.

Unfortunately for one therapy dog, his owner’s inability to deal with her mental health issues resulted in his violent and cruel death. Be warned — this is an upsetting story.

Marinna Rollins, an Army veteran, suffered from PTSD and was given her dog Cam to help. She recently tied him to a tree and shot him five times with an assault rifle, laughing while she did so.

The attack was caught on several videos, which can be viewed here. Warning: they are incredibly graphic and show clearly the shooting death of Cam the pit bull.

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Rollins and her boyfriend/accomplice Jarren Heng (who is also a military member) have been arrested and charged with animal cruelty and conspiracy.

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