Heartbreaking Moment Official Blocks Little Boy From Hugging His Sister After Basketball Game


In a shocking upset, a high school basketball tournament official stopped a little boy from hugging his older sister after her team won the state championship. 

Three-year-old Jaylen Levy was so excited when her sister Sydney won, that he waited for her to pick him up after the big game at the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin last Saturday. Her team, the Appleton North Lightning Girls’ Basketball team had just won the state championship, but as the teenager reached out for her little brother, tournament official Def Hauser blocked their hug. 

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She shooed Jaylen back to his parents and sent Sydney away. Jaylen was very sad and his dad, Nic Levy shared the video of the crushing moment on Twitter. ‘WIAAWI State didn’t let Jaylen give his sister, Syd, a hug after winning the STATE! He gets excited to hug her after EVERY game. He cried,’ he said alongside it.

Hundreds of people were upset over the video, and Hauser defended her actions telling the DailyMail.com that she wanted to make sure Jaylen didn’t accidentally run into the path of a special needs boy who was being helped down from a platform in the center of the court at the time. 

Credit: YouTube via DailyMail.com

“There was also a special needs student attempting to get down from the staging that we had set up for the awards ceremony when this small unauthorized and unattended young boy came over the player bench,” Hauser said. “I needed to make sure he stayed off the floor and that the player went with the other members of her team to the locker room – as you will see in the video the other members of her team were clearly leaving the floor.”

“My eyes were on the boy coming off that staging as it appeared he was struggling to get down,” she continued. Hauser said she was following safety procedures which state that no spectator, no matter what his or her age, is allowed on the court and that the Association follows a ‘what if’ policy to avoid danger. 

If players’ families want to hug them on the court, they must submit a request beforehand, according to Hauser. 

Watch the heartbreaking moment below:

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