‘You’re Just Jealous’: Taiwanese Nurse Slams Criticisms for Her Extremely Sexy Selfies


She looks really good in these photos though!

This 23-year-old professional nurse from Taipei became an overnight internet sensation after her extremely sexy selfies went viral online. With 144,000 followers on Instagram, Carina Linn has become famous for sharing her incredibly hot photos on the said social media site. Unfortunately for her, not everyone is happy with her actions.

Though she has gained many fans because of her pictures, she also received a lot of negative backlash from other users, claiming her photos are too provocative.

Other users started giving negative comments about her that she finally speaks in retaliation.

Linn wrote, “Firstly, I have already left Min-Sheng General Hospital for some time (don’t ask where I am working at anymore).

“My profession is still a full-time nurse as before. I am a nurse, a nurse who does shifts at a hospital. I am not a model or a photographer. Even more so, I’m not taking pictures because I’m trying to be famous.

“I am me, I do things that make me feel happy, I don’t think that I am anything special or extraordinary, I am just someone leading an ordinary life.

“Moreover, you should not have any opinions about me. Why? Because I am serious about work and I am serious about life.

“You are just miserably behind your screen, being jealous that other people’s lives are more fulfilling than yours.

“So basically, you — who have accomplished nothing in life — say things that are the same as what’s inside your brain… they are all rubbish.”

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