This Barbershop Is Filled With Naked Hairdressers—and the Internet Goes Crazy!


Would you got to this barbershop and have you hair cut by half-naked women?

When visiting the barbershop, some men often fall asleep while barbers cut their hair and massage them. But when having your hair cut at this barbershop, you’ll definitely stay awake!

A barbershop in Oskemen, Kazakhstan, used a racy way to attract customers—and it worked! How did they do it? They used half-naked women as hair stylists and posted their photos on social media. Almost immediately, men flocked the said barbershop in hopes to see the women.

But before you board a plane and head to Kazakhstan and go to the ‘Old Boy’ barbershop, we would like to tell you that this is simply an advertising campaign. The girls were actually dancers from the nearby Zebra strip club and had agreed to pose for the photographs for an online advertising campaign.

Nonetheless, the barbershop has gained a lot of attention from netizens, who are now potential customers for Old Boy Barbershop!

One Facebook user said: “I think my hair is too long, better go to the barber ASAP!”

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