Woman Obsessed With Ex Threatened To Reveal Fake Rape And Pregnancy To Stay Together


We can all go a little crazy when it comes to our exes.

Breakups are painful, and it can be hard to accept the fact that you should just move on. Even though a little Facebook stalking can be normal after a relationship ends, there is definitely a line. Once you cross it, it turns into harassment.

One man who previously lived in the United Kingdom is going through an absolute nightmare due to his ex-girlfriend, and it’s so bad that the courts are stepping in.

James Grogan sought a restraining order against his former girlfriend, Jade Morgan, after she began sending him up to 60 messages per day. She used multiple apps to try to contact him.

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She also sent nude photos of herself to Grogan, who had since left the country and begun dating someone else. Despite the restraining order against Morgan, Grogan kept receiving messages.

“I thought after the restraining order was issued this would all be over with but it just seems to be going on and on. It’s stressing me out. I’m trying to move on and I’m sick of Jade trying to ruin things for me,” he said.

At one point, Morgan sent him a photo of an ultrasound, claiming to be pregnant. She also threatened to claim he raped her and then send screenshots of the false allegation to his new girlfriend.

Fortunately, the courts stepped in. At sentencing, the judge decided the case was too severe and sent her to a higher court where she may face jail time.

“You need to keep away from electronic devices, that might be the best thing,” the judge said.

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This is absolutely insane. I feel so sorry for what that man is going through. Share this if you think justice should be served against this stalker.

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