Woman Is Asked By Police To Walk In A Straight Line, But Instead, She Cartwheels


Participating in a field sobriety test is something to be taken seriously…unless you’re this woman.

Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, found a 23-year-old woman passed out in a driveway after she was seen driving recklessly. They tried to conduct a DUI test with her, but it became quite clear that she was too out of it to comprehend their requests. The young woman laughed off the whole thing, and even tried to perform a series of cartwheels in lieu of walking in a straight line.

Let’s just say that her acrobatics didn’t go exactly as planned…


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(via The Kansas City Star)

I almost feel bad for her. Make sure to share this outrageous video with your loved ones to remind them that drinking and driving is never a laughing matter.

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