He Threw His Own Baby Off A Bridge, Then Sent The Child's Mother A Horrifying Text


Parents are supposed to be the people who protect their children.

As we’ve seen all too often, however, they can also be the ones who hurt them. In the case of Tony Moreno’s seven-month-old son, Aaden, his parent was also his murderer. It’s an unimaginably sad story that the boy’s mother and family are still dealing with every day.

Moreno threw Aaden off the 90-foot-high Arrigoni Bridge in Connecticut. The child died from the fall and was found in the Connecticut River by a kayaker two days later.

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Immediately after throwing the child, Moreno texted the boy’s mother, Adrianne Oyola, with whom he had a strained relationship. Moreno told her, “He’s dead. Soon I will be, too.”

The chilling message came right before Moreno also jumped off the bridge. He survived the fall, spending several days in the hospital before being arrested for his child’s murder.

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