This Dog Was Stuck Underground For Over A Week Before Firefighters Saved Him


I can’t imagine how frightening it would be to get trapped underground for a few hours, let alone for a whole week.

But a three-month-old puppy recently endured 10 days inside a 200-foot-deep borehole well in Beykoz, Turkey. There’s no question that the poor thing would have died if passersby hadn’t heard it whimpering and called emergency crews for help.

A group of local firefighters and animal rescue organizations came and
set up a climate tent and a heating system to protect the puppy from the
elements until they could get him out. It isn’t clear how he got there
in the first place.

After lowering a camera into the narrow hole, they saw that he was still alive.

They were able to lower him food, but getting the little one out was another matter entirely. They spent 10 days trying various methods, but none of them worked.

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