They Were Trying To Catch A Crocodile When It Got Its Jaws Around The Family Dog


Part of having a pet is knowing that, unless they outlive you, you’ll be faced with the heartache of losing them one day.

For most people, that means saying goodbye when their furry friends become too old and reach the end of their natural lifespans. Some pets, though, tragically die after being involved in accidents. Either situation is hard to deal with, but what happened to this family’s dog is nothing short of horrific.

A man was recently filmed attempting to throw a rope around a crocodile in Mexico while his family and dog watched on. As the reptile became more and more agitated, the dog started lunging at it. Eventually, the poor pup got caught between its jaws.

Why would you ever allow your dog to get that close to a crocodile?

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Excuse me while I go crawl into my bed and weep for this dog. Share this if it makes you want to hug your pet.

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