They Thought This Turtle Had A Worm In Its Nose, But The Truth Was Far Worse


Once upon a time, someone somewhere used a plastic straw to enjoy a beverage. When they were finished, they didn’t dispose of the straw properly. The piece of litter made its way into the ocean and eventually into the nostril of a male sea turtle.

We all know that human waste and litter affects sea creatures, but seeing it up-close and personal really makes you stop and think. After all, a plastic straw seems so harmless. I’ve used thousands in my lifetime. Did every single one make it to a recycling center or landfill? I honestly don’t know.

Luckily, the sea turtle was spotted by a team of marine biologists near Costa Rica. Assuming that there was a worm in his nose, they immediately went to work with a pair of pliers, desperate to clear his air passageway.

A word of warning, even the seasoned marine biologists are disturbed by what they find.

No one was prepared for the size of the straw that came out of this poor turtle’s nose. Without these humans, he probably would have suffocated or died from infection.


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