It Sounded Like He Was Snoring, But When She Turned The Light On, He Was Purple


After hearing this terrifying story, I’ll never get upset at my partner for snoring again. 25-year-old Lisa Lee angrily kicked her boyfriend Lewis Little out of bed for loudly snoring, only to find out that the noises were actually his dying breaths.

In 2016, Little was diagnosed with Brugada syndrome, a rare heart condition that can cause arrhythmia, palpitations, and death. However, he was not at a high enough risk to receive an implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD), an object that is similar to a pacemaker and would have controlled his heart rhythm.

Little and Lee were unsettled by the diagnosis, particularly when their son Tyler came along. Nevertheless, doctors assured the couple that Little would live a “long and healthy life.”

One night, when Lee turned on the light to see why Little wasn’t responding to her kicks and pleas, she saw that his face was purple. What she had thought was snoring was the last bit of air leaving his body.

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Lee is now speaking out in the hopes that other families can avoid a similar tragedy. She told Daily Mail:

“Losing Lewis has destroyed me and our son Tyler. I believe that being fitted with an ICD would have saved my partner’s life. I want people with the same condition to have the choice, low risk or high to have an ICD fitted. The syndrome is a silent killer – I just want to raise awareness of it and make sure something gets done.”

Our hearts go out to Lee and Tyler during this difficult time. Please help honor her partner’s memory and let people know about Brugada syndrome by sharing this story.

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