His Mom Came Over, But She Had No Idea She'd Become A Grandma The Next Day


After discovering that they were expecting their third child, Tannin and Katie Pease made the conscious decision to keep the pregnancy a secret from Tannin’s mother for as long as possible.

Keeping such a secret was no easy task, but it certainly didn’t hurt that Mom lived far away in Montana. Over the span of nine months, they had to get creative when it came to coming up with excuses as to why they couldn’t attend family events. The couple’s Facebook settings had to be changed to keep friends and family from tagging her in any surprise-ruining posts. The couple was able to keep the surprise going all the way until the day before Katie was expected to give birth!

And of course, they knew they had to capture the joyous reveal on video.


A day after the big reveal, Katie gave birth to Saul Lane Pease. Both Mom and the baby are doing well!

(via WGNO)

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I’m absolutely horrible at lying, so I can’t imagine keeping such a big secret for so long. Be sure to share this heartwarming story with friends and family!

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