Every Day He Travels Across A Drought-Stricken Country To Give Water To Wild Animals


The Tsavo West National Park in Kenya might be one of the most obvious examples of the effects of global warming.

In addition to the already sweltering temperatures of the African country, Kenya has received significantly less rainfall over the last few years. The area is in dire straits right now. While severe droughts can be harmful to the humans living near the park, no one is experiencing the effects from lack of water quite like the animals.

Realizing that without water, many of these animals would die of dehydration, one local man has made it his mission to bring water to them so that they survive.

Patrick Mwalua has been driving a few hours every day to fill up dried-out watering holes in the park.

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Mwalua, known locally as the Water Man, is a pea farmer in his village and he came up with the idea to bring water to the animals after he saw the effects climate change was having on wildlife.

Using a large blue truck, Mwalua carries nearly 3,000 gallons of fresh water to the watering holes each day.

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