Animal Rescuers Saw A 'Sea Of Yellow' When They Stepped Onto This Terrible Scene


When animal rescuers from the RSPCA stepped onto a field in Cambridgeshire, England, they were shocked to see a “sea of yellow.” Over 1,000 baby chicks had been cruelly abandoned and left to die.

Although it’s always heartbreaking to see abandoned dogs and cats, these types of cases are not uncommon. A thousand neglected chicks on the other hand? That’s something no one ever expects to see.

It’s believed that the chicks were purchased from a breeder, then abandoned in a field for reasons unknown. After being discovered by a member of the public, they were collected by the RSPCA and returned to their unit.

The chicks were only about a day old and very delicate. Most were in good health, but some had already died or needed to be put down humanely.

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What in the world would cause someone to purchase so many chicks, only to abandon them hours later? Be sure to share this bizarre case with your friends and family. Hopefully, authorities will be able to find some answers.

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