Teen Is Asked Ridiculously Inappropriate Questions During Restaurant Job Interview


For many teenagers, getting a job is part of growing up and learning how to support yourself. It’s often pretty exciting to start working, and it’s rewarding in more ways than one.

But this 18-year-old who wanted a job at a TGI Friday’s recently endured quite the experience. The teen, who lives in the United Kingdom, was seeking a part-time weekend position, but walked out of an interview after the interviewer said some seriously inappropriate things. Yikes!

Before his in-person interview, he had a phone interview, which went really well. He later went to the restaurant to talk with someone and was looking forward to the meeting…but he ended up being asked very strange questions.

“The first question I was asked was whether I would rather watch my parents have sex for a year or join in just for the start. I was absolutely gob-smacked,” he said.

The job seeker was then asked several questions with crude language, including whether he would rather “shit a brick or cry glass” or “eat chocolate flavoured shit or shit flavoured chocolate.”

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