His Newly Adopted Dog Would Watch Him Sleep Every Night—the Reason Behind it is Heart-breaking!


The new owner was spooked by how the dog would watch him until he fell asleep.

Dogs are man’s best friend—and vice versa. As we come to love our pets, these animals develop an unbreakable bond with us too.

Sadly, more and more cats and dogs are abandoned in the streets as feeding them can be quite expensive. These animals who are used to being cared for by humans, are suddenly propelled into a life wherein they have to provide for themselves. Thankfully, there are still people who are willing to adopt pets from shelters.

A Chinese man adopted a golden retriever from a shelter and brought the dog home right away. However, the dog started acting strangely as soon as night falls. The dog would watch his new owner go to sleep every night, which spooked the Chinese man as time went by.

The owner tried everything to make the dog sleep first, but he wouldn’t budge. He tried exhausting the dog by playing with him the entire day, but he still would watch his owner until the latter dozes off.

Confused and spooked by the animal’s behavior, the man brought the dog back to the shelter and asked why he was acting that way. The reason behind it is truly heartbreaking.

Apparently, the dog was sleeping when his previous owner took him and brought him to the shelter. When the dog woke up, he realized he was in an unfamiliar place, inside a cage, and with his master nowhere to be found.

According to the shelter staff, the previous owner could no longer afford to feed him, and decided that bringing him to the shelter would be the best option for the both of them. The dog was probably heartbroken and didn’t want to experience the same thing over again.

That is why he waits until his new owner slept—to make sure he isn’t sent away in the middle of the night.

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