18 Recipes Using Everyone's Favorite Comfort Food (Potatoes, Obviously!)


I could eat potatoes every single day and be perfectly happy.

After all, who doesn’t love eating carbs? They might not be great to eat in bulk, but they certainly make us feel good. There are tons of simple ways to make potatoes and they’re all super delicious. After a while, though, you might get tired of eating the same scalloped, baked, and fried versions. That’s why we’ve found 18 of the most amazing and unexpected potato recipes to make your life full of even more yum.

1. What’s better than a twice-baked potato? A whole casserole of them.

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2. Baked potato soup is the perfect way to feel warm, cozy, and full.

3. If you love cheesy potatoes, try a sophisticated parmesan-crusted version.

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