Stay-At-Home Dad Does The Cutest Thing With His Kiddos While Mom Is Out


Stay-at-home parents work so hard all day long, and they’re often underappreciated.

And for stay-at-home dads, dealing with stereotypes can be a frustrating experience. Luckily, taking care of the house and kids comes with some perks!

Adam Ballard and his four-month-old son Miles were recently home alone while Mom and big sister Zoey were out, so Ballard decided it was time to dance. Check out the adorableness below!

Miles can even moonwalk! Baby’s got moves!

Ballard told USA Today: “That particular day, Miles was being super fussy, and I was pretty sleep deprived. We have two kids. I took the phone out and thought maybe I can do a dancing video, because we had done some with his sister when she was younger. It was meant to be a practice run.”

After he shared his dance session with Miles, he decided to go digging through his old videos to find the ones he made with Zoey. He posted this to Facebook, and it’s just as delightful.

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