She Was Told Her Daughter Just Had A Headache, But Then She Read This Pamphlet


Waiting your turn at the doctor’s office can feel like an eternity.

If you’re like me, you sit in the waiting room eyeing up the competition wondering which one of you will be seen next. Luckily, waiting rooms are always stocked full with the latest issues of every gossip column and home magazine known to man.

While the magazines may be our first choice of entertainment in these situations, we’d be remiss to forget about the wealth of medical knowledge sitting in all those pamphlets scattered about. Just ask this mother.

When six-year-old Darcey began experiencing severe head pain, mom Chrissy Fletcher knew she had to seek out medical attention.

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Darcey had been seen by not one, but three doctors who diagnosed her with severe migraines.

When headache pills didn’t satisfy the pain, it was recommended that she and her mother see an optician.

At her optician appointment, Fletcher was given a leaflet about tumors in small children. As the mother read through the checklist of the potential warning signs, she realized that she had to rush her daughter to the nearest hospital.

As doctors began to examine the young girl, they discovered that she had a brain tumor the size of an orange.

Fletcher was told by doctors that without surgery, Darcey would have died within a week.

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After spending two months in the hospital, doctors were able to safely remove the tumor. Darcey now only requires a preventative MRI once every six months. Share this quick-thinking mom’s battle to diagnose her daughter with other parents you know.

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