She Discovered Her Boyfriend Was Receiving Nude Photos From a Girl—She Does THIS as Payback!


Again, where is the guy in all this?

There is no perfect relationship. Every relationship has fights, arguments, and break-ups—but cheating is probably the worst thing you could ever do to your partner. This woman caught her boyfriend receiving nude pictures from another woman—who was aware that the man was already taken!

Clara Jimenez found out that her boyfriend was flirting with another woman on social media, and that flirting has escalated to something that isn’t safe for work (if you know what I mean).

The woman involved, Facebook user Vanna Jimenez, was well aware that the man she was flirting with was in a serious relationship with Clara, but continued to send nude pictures anyway.

Vanna and Clara’s boyfriend were practically sex messaging on Facebook, with the man entertaining every message Vanna sent.

Now, to get back at Vanna, Clara then posted the photos on Facebook, accompanied by a lengthy post about Vanna. She pointed out that Vanna had already two children, both of which have no fathers.

She continues to bash the Vanna, even telling netizens that they could privately message her and she’ll share the photos without censorship.

However, though her boyfriend practically cheated on her, she added on her Facebook post that they are still together despite all this. Netizens were shocked and dismayed, saying she should leave him because he doesn’t deserve her.

Vanna has deactivated her social media accounts as of this article’s writing.

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