Russian Model Dangles off a 1,000ft Skyscraper in Dubai Just to Get the Perfect Instagram Photo


Would dare do this to take the ultimate Instagram photo?

In the recent years, we’ve seen social media users post extreme selfies, wherein users literally put their lives on the line just to get the most epic selfie of all. But not anyone can do these extreme stunts, as some have died trying to do it. With that at hand, we advise our readers NOT to try this stunts without the help of professionals—or simply NOT do it at all.

Victoria Odintsova, 23, is a beautiful and sexy Russian models who has been making headlines recently because of a death-defying stunt she did—just to attain the world’s most epic photo shoot.

In order to do that, Victoria had to dangle at 1,004 feet from the top of Cayan Tower in Dubai!

While preparing for the stunt, Victoria was hesitant to grab hold of her assistant’s hand to cross over—and we can’t blame her! Just looking below would make me faint! She definitely has nerves of steel. Supported only by the hand of a male assistant, the Russian stunner was filmed leaning backwards over the edge of the 73-storey structure, before completely dangling while holding on to her assistant with one hand.

After the terrifying shoot was done, her assistant pulled her up. She was still shocked and in disbelief, but thankful that the shot was done successfully.

But after her stunt went viral, Dubai police were out to get her. She had to sign a written statement promising not to repeat the stunt on the 1,004 ft tall Cayan Tower in Dubai.

Major General Halil Ibragim Al-Mansuri, of the Dubai Police, said: “The actions of the Russian woman put her life at risk.”

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