Massive Hairy Creature washes up on Dinagat Islands in the Philippines—here are the Facts about it!


It turns out to be rare phenomenon which is poorly known to many.

User Marjorie Cabatingan Aboy posted photos of an ‘unknown creature’ that has washed up on the shores of Dinagat Islands in the Philippines. The post spread like wildfire, with netizens speculating on what the creature might really be.

Sufenia Chua of the Cagdianao Municipal Agriculture Office said that the carcass, which washed up on the beach along Kantigdaon, Poblacion, Cagdianao, Dinagat Islands, measured 15 feet in length.

The creature was incredibly massive, had long locks of hair, and was unidentifiable. It was extremely smelly, and had a blob-like appearance. Many netizens dubbed the creature unknown, though its size resembled that of a whale. However, this is actually a rare phenomenon, and it has an explanation to it.

This massive carcasses are called globsters: Great globs of unrecognizable tissue washed up on beaches, too large and shapeless to be anything but sea monsters. Apparently, the last substance to decompose from a dead marine animal is collagen, a tough and rubbery connective tissue.

The remaining blob of collagen appears stringy or furry and does not resemble the original shape and look of the animal. They are typically buried on the beach if they don’t wash back out.

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