Dad Can’t Figure out Why Baby is Crying Non-Stop—until He Removes the Baby’s Socks and Sees THIS!


A baby cries to tell us something is wrong.

When a baby cries, s/he is trying to tell us something. Since they cannot talk yet, crying is the only way to communicate with adults. They could be crying for a variety of reasons: they could either be hungry, irritated, or in pain. And when a baby cries nonstop, there could be something worse happening to his/her body.

Scott and Jessica Walker’s baby was crying non-stop and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with their daughter. They tried everything from rocking her to sleep and feeding her—but it was all in vain. The baby kept on crying, and they realized something was terribly wrong.


Thinking the baby might be feeling too hot, they remove her socks and discover something horrifying. Apparently, it was a hair tourniquet. If they hadn’t noticed it sooner, it could have been worse and more painful for the baby.

Hair tourniquet is a medical condition wherein a hair or other thread becomes tied around a toe or finger tightly, so as to put the digit at risk of damage. Occasionally, this is known as toe tourniquet. The problem usually arises in babies and small children when hairs and thread are lost loosely inside socks.

A hair can become spontaneously tied around a toe and as the baby moves and wiggles, the hair tightens, thus cutting off the circulation. It’s more likely that this will occur with a natural hair from the head, rather than a piece of thread. These incidents also commonly occur when a baby or child sleeps.

Her mother, who was a nurse, moved quickly when she saw the wrapped toe. She instantly grabbed a pair of tweezers and went to work removing the hair. Luckily she got it off in time.

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