What A Teacher Said To This Young Cancer Survivor Is Absolutely Heartbreaking


Five-year-old Ma’Kayla Welsh was diagnosed with leukemia nearly two years ago. Fortunately, she has since gone into remission.

Like many cancer patients, though, the girl began losing her hair as a result of her chemotherapy treatment. It made her self-conscious, and she was worried that her classmates or teachers would be mean to her because of it.

Ma’Kayla’s worst fear came true when a substitute teacher mistakenly assumed that her hair loss was a sign of her pulling her hair out. The teacher told Ma’Kayla that if she was bald, she wouldn’t be pretty.

Ma’Kayla’s mother was outraged by the comment and called the school’s principal and superintendent. Watch below to find out more.

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It’s a shame that Ma’Kayla went through this, but at least the school district turned took the opportunity to turn the incident into a teaching moment for everyone.

(via Daily Mail)

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