This Snake Swallowed A Tennis Ball…How They Got It Out Is Sheer Horror


I’m not the biggest fan of snakes.

I’ve always thought that they’re super creepy, and the fact that they swallow mice and other small animals whole really freaks me out. What did those tiny critters ever do to them? And don’t even get me started about how they look when they slither around in the grass.

But, as passionate as I am about my disgust for snakes, I feel so, so bad for this one.

Trish Predergast, a former veterinary nurse, was caught off guard when she was tasked with removing a tennis ball from the inside of a 5-foot-long snake.

If you think this sounds too crazy to be true, here’s the X-ray.

After lining the snake’s stomach with oils, Predergast began a 30-minute operation to get the tennis ball out of the surely uncomfortable reptile.

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