These Boars Attacked A Python For A Heartbreaking Reason — It Ate Their Piglet


While nature is full of wonder and beauty, it can also be completely brutal.

Wild animals attack and sometimes even rip each other apart when they feel threatened — it’s just part of life for them. Unfortunately, their babies are also fair game and often fall prey to other creatures looking for their next meal. This group of boars recently lost one of their piglets to a hungry snake, but they weren’t willing to let the reptile get away.

In a video thought to be recorded in either Laos or Thailand, the boars are seen repeatedly biting and shaking the eight-foot-long python after it ate one of their young. They showed no mercy in their vicious attack, which a few of their other small piglets even got in on.

This is why you don’t want to mess with a pack of boars.

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Yikes! Animals can sure be terrifying when it comes to their babies. Be sure to share this story if you’re glad you aren’t that snake right now.

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