She Was Sick Of Being Told How She Should Clean, So She Made The Best Video Response


People expect so much from moms, and sometimes Pinterest can help by providing tips and tricks to make their lives easier.

There are so many life hacks out there that can help parents keep it together and make sure everyone’s safe, sound, and happy. When people have kids, one of the first things to fall off the radar is keeping the house sparkling clean.

Pinterest is full of charts like this one, listing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly chores to suggest ways to keep the house spotless.

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Checklists can be super helpful for some people, but for people with limited time, these house cleaning lists can still seem daunting and unproductive.

This mom’s viral rant says that those charts are all well and good but that there’s no way getting all of those chores done is possible. She’s got a pretty hilarious list of her own!


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