This Photo Of A Puddle Will Make Your Brain Hurt. Can You Figure Out What's Wrong With It?


It’s not quite “the dress,” but this picture of a New York City puddle is making people’s brains hurt just the same.

I love trying to solve brain teasers, but nine times out of ten, they make me feel like a total moron. Try as I might, I can rarely find the cat in a sea of owls or identify close-ups of everyday objects. If I had known these types of puzzles would be so popular online, I would have spent a lot more time training with “Where’s Waldo” as a kid!

There’s no hidden object or debate about colors in this photo. Nevertheless, something is…off. Can you figure out what’s wrong with it?

Totally clueless? Scroll down to see the answer.

It’s upside down! As Redditor decmcc explained, “I posted it on my Instagram and a friend of a friend said it’d look better flipped. Guess that’s why he’s the professional photog [sic].”

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