They Held A Leaf Up To His Eye…What They Pulled Out Moments Later? Pure Horror


You know that painful, irritating feeling when an eyelash or speck of dirt gets in your eye and you can’t get it out?

It’s definitely annoying to deal with — but if you think that’s bad, just imagine a living creature crawling around in your eyelid and making itself at home for weeks. This poor guy knows exactly how that feels.

When this 17-year-old went to the National Children’s Hospital in Lima, Peru, for his swollen left eye, doctors took an MRI and made a horrifying discovery. Not only was there some kind of larva in his eye, but it had been there for about a month. Doctors had to use a basil leaf to lure the disgusting thing out before they could remove it.

Though it isn’t completely clear what it is, it appears to be a botfly larva.


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What a champ! I doubt I would have been as calm and collected as this kid was. Be sure to share this story if the thought of a larva in your eye makes you sick.


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