Her Daughter Was Injured By Another Girl At School, But No One's Doing Anything


After her daughter’s elementary school tried to cover up an act of extreme bullying, this Alabama mom is speaking out to warn other parents.

It’s crazy to think that a fourth grader would be bullied, but that’s exactly what happened to Kelly Turpin’s daughter, Lanny. According to Turpin, the bully had been bothering Lanny for a while, but on February 3, everything came to head outside of art class. Angry that Lanny was speaking to a disabled child, the bully jumped on her, slamming her head into a pole before pushing her onto concrete steps.

When L.E. Wilson Elementary School called Turpin to tell her about the incident, they said what happened outside of art class was an “accident.”

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However, as soon as the mom laid eyes on her daughter, it was clear that her injuries were not sustained from a simple fall. Lanny had a scraped nose and forehead, two black eyes, and a concussion.

As the school staff tried to explain the “accident,” Lanny spoke up. Turpin told local news that she said, “No, Momma, I told them she grabbed me and pulled me and jumped on top of me.”

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