He Made A Grand Romantic Gesture, But It Didn't Go So Well


I’ve always wondered what happens when someone gets turned down during a public proposal. Well, now I know — it’s really, really awkward.

Maybe the girl in the video below doesn’t like violins or didn’t want to get engaged in a food court, but either way, she was not happy with her man’s public proposal. And really, who could blame her? She was trying to enjoy lunch with a friend when she was accosted by a violinist playing a sappy song and ambushed by flowers and a big question. Not a good move, bro.

Watch below as she not only rejects him, but totally chews him out, too! I really hope this is fake…

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Kudos to the guy in the red shirt for trying to make him feel better! Do you think this proposal was legit or staged? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to share it with the hopeless romantics you know!

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