Body-Builder Just Caught a Prankster Pouring Shampoo ON His Head While He Was Showering—OMG!


Another beach-goer snitched on the prankster—and the body-builder does THIS!

A lot of people enjoy going to the beach and spend time to relax and be one with nature. Going to the beach and having a swim relieves daily stress and is really effective if you are having a bad day. Hopefully, this guy isn’t around to mess things up.

He pisses off people using public showers by pouring shampoo over their heads without them noticing. His victims get frustrated as the shampoo doesn’t seem to come off! But this one guy caught him in the act, after another beach-goer snitched on the prankster. Unfortunately for the prankster, the dude was well-built and looked strong. Watch what happens after he gets caught!

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