This Group Stayed at the Changi Chalet and Found Out Something Terrifying—Just Look at this Photo!


They wanted to check the famed ghost for themselves—and got this picture to prove the ghost is real!

There are people who do not believe in the existence of ghosts because of the lack of physical evidence like pictures and videos. But some people believe that there are creatures in this world aside from us, creatures and entities that are not meant to be seen.

Throughout the years, many experts have sought the truth behind these entities, but had little to no evidence. But with this new photo, you might change your minds about not believing in ghosts.

In Singapore, chalets are often fully booked over the weekends, and getting a reservation can be hard too. But this group of youngsters were able to book a room a day before they set off, and one of them, Joey, struck it as odd. Joey’s sister, Social media influencer and blogger Peggy Heng, who goes by the alias Thy Dowager, shared their creepy story on social media:

Once they got to the Aloha Changi Yacht Club Chalet, the group immediately noticed that their room was located right opposite “Old Changi Hospital and the infamous abandoned Aloha Changi resort”. And as they spent more time in the said chalet, a series of weird and creepy things suddenly happened to them.

Some of them claimed to have seen “a female figure with short hair” and “a white figure with long hair” during wee hours of the night. The group then decided to “do a little test by taking a photo against the mirror reflection after wiping the mirror thoroughly clean.”

Peggy wrote in her post, “It appears that a woman figure is sitting behind Joey and touching her head” and shared a creepy photo showing the spooky sighting.


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