Look: This 22-year-old Student is now a Social Media Star after These Photos of Her Went Viral


She became famous overnight not because of her looks—but because of who she was with in the photos!

Meet Sarah Kohan. She is a law student from Sydney who loves nature. She is not only intelligent, but incredibly beautiful and sexy, too. She has at least 245,000 followers on Instagram in just a few months—but not because of her beauty or brains—but because of her stunning photos with wild animals!

Apparently, the 22-year-old law student loves to travel to exotic locations—and take pictures with wild animals. Though she was visibly beautiful and sexy, netizens were more attracted to how she naturally took photos with these animals without harming them.

Sarah is a Law student but she is making the most of her school breaks by traveling to exotic locations like Bora Bora, Cook Islands, Hawaii, and the Bahamas. She also travelled some areas in Europe and South America.

Social media has shaped her current lifestyle, as she saw other social media users’ experiences of travelling around the globe.

She said: “I think it has given everybody their own way to show a unique perspective on different locations. When I’m planning a trip I look at the tagged locations and see what other people have done and use that as inspiration to create my own.”

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