All It Takes Is Ink And Water To Create This Jaw-Dropping Art


We use paper nearly every day, but how often do you take the time to examine it?

I would guess not often, because most of the paper we use now is plain white. We’ve lost some of the art and beauty that once went into papermaking and bookmaking. The majority of people don’t even know that paper can be made out of all kinds of fibers and materials, from good old papyrus to flannel.

One papermaking technique invented in Turkey in the 1100s is called marbling. It involves oil-based ink swirled into shapes that sit on water. Then, paper is carefully placed on top to set the design.

This vintage video shows just how intricate the designs can be.

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Next time you find an old book, take a moment to see if it features marbling. It’s truly an incredible art form. Share this with your friends who will be totally blown away by it!

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