This Pickpocket Returns a Wallet He Stole after Realizing a CCTV Camera Captured Everything!


As he was looking around the area, he noticed a CCTV camera situated near the ATM machine!

A lot of able-bodied people choose to take from others in order to survive, than to work hard and earn money for themselves. With this at hand, more and more people are robbed and stolen from, sometimes without realizing it. Given the opportunity, these people take from others without the feeling of remorse.

This man was caught on camera stealing from a man withdrawing from an ATM machine. In the video, a man can be seen withdrawing from an ATM, when this man approached him and found an opportunity to take his wallet.

After successfully taking the wallet, the man still pretended to wait in line while looking around the area. It was until he noticed a camera situated right in front of them—capturing the entire robbery! Realizing he will be caught with that, he gestured to apologize to the camera, while putting the wallet on the floor, to make it look like it fell.

He then tapped the victim on the shoulder and told him that he dropped his wallet. The victim was happy and gave him a brief hug before returning to the ATM. The pickpocket apologizes to the camera once again, before walking away.

Though the video has gained more than 23 million views and thousands of comments and shares, a lot of netizens claim that the video was fake.

They pointed out that the camera’s odd placement on a wall very close to the cash machine, and the ‘victim’s’ unconvincing hand movements at the machine have all led people to conclude the video is not genuine, and indeed a prank.

The video was uploaded on Facebook by user Khalid Arsajev, who actually played the pickpocket’s role himself! Proving that this was all a funny prank.

He also uploaded two images of himself in the video, writing: ‘From Germany/Austria to America to Turkey on TV. If I’m arrested, pay my bail.’

The update was accompanied by several laughing and crying emojis.


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