This Man And His Teenage Son Care For Sex Dolls As If They're Family Members


Divorce is a rough thing that many people go through, but the way this man is handling his is pretty bizarre.

After divorcing his wife over her gambling addiction, a 58-year-old man going by the pseudonym Li Chen decided to bring something home to live with him and his 18-year-old son, Yangyang — and it definitely wasn’t a new pet. In 2010, the Guizhou, China, resident bought the first of his seven silicone sex dolls.

Li says that neither of them use the dolls for their intended purpose and that they treat them like family. Yangyang calls his doll (a birthday present from Li) his sister, though Li says he bought it “to help him with his needs.”

In addition to caring for the dolls, the father and son enjoy taking photos and videos of the dolls posed in various outdoor scenes.

Li thinks he’s spent nearly $15,000 on the dolls so far, as each of them costs around $1,450 and their outfits are worth hundreds of dollars.

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