Mom Makes Desperate Attempt To Save Her Child From Being Abducted At A Drive-Thru


While most custody battles are fought in front of a court of law, part of this custody dispute played out in front of a drive-thru window.

In CCTV footage from a McDonald’s drive-thru, 27-year-old Jessica Wilson can be seen abruptly exiting her car with her two-year-old daughter to escape the wrath of her boyfriend, Levenski Crossty. As Wilson tries to maker her way to safety, Crossty rushes around the vehicle and attempts to pull the child out of his girlfriend’s arms.

Crossty is successful — he overpowers her, takes the girl, and drives off. Watch it all unfold below.

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This happened in July 2016, but it’s taken until now for Crossty’s trial to begin.

Allegedly, right before the incident, Crossty broke into Wilson’s home, confronted her about being unfaithful, and beat her. She was left with two black eyes, among other injuries. The abuse continued as the couple made their way to McDonald’s afterward. Everything reached a boiling point while they were there.

When Crossty drove away, all four of Wilson’s children were in the car. He insists that he was trying to protect them from their intoxicated mother. He has been charged with felony assault, theft, abduction, and kidnapping.

(via Daily Mail)

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