He Was Caught Shoplifting, But They Didn't Know He'd Pull THIS Out Of His Pants


Shoplifting is totally illegal, but it’s something stores have to deal with on a regular basis.

It’s easy for people to take small items and stick them in a bag or their pockets and leave the store while everyone else is busy. Bigger items require a little more…creativity on the part of the thief. Russian security officers recently caught one man stealing something no one ever would have imagined a shoplifter would take, and he did it in the craziest way possible.

That’s right, that’s a raw chicken that he’s taking out of his trousers. I’m kind of impressed!

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Officers said that after he pulled the chicken out, some sausages also fell to the floor! What do you think of this unique thief? Share his crazy story with others who will be amused by his antics.

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