When Their House Was On Fire, This Mom Did Something So Selfless To Save Her Child


There’s nothing that compares to the love of a mother for her child.

If you asked most moms, they would say that they would jump in front of a bullet for their kids. Fortunately, most moms don’t have to make that choice.

Shelby Carter didn’t have to stop a bullet, but she did make the ultimate sacrifice for her daughter when their house caught on fire. Here’s her heroic and tragic story.

Carter lived in a home with her fiancé, mother, and 12-day-old daughter Keana. She and Keana were the only ones at home when a fire broke out.

The quick-thinking woman strapped Keana to her car seat and tossed her out of a second-story window to get her away from the fire. Unfortunately, Carter wasn’t able to climb out after her baby.

Her body was found by firefighters who praised her “motherly instincts” and acknowledged that this was a blow to their community.

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