This Girl Died Before She Could Even Celebrate her 18th Birthday—But Her Family and Friends Did THIS!


They celebrated her birthday as though she was still alive!

Every Filipino girl looks forward to her 18th birthday. A debut refers to a coming-of-age celebration for Filipino women, and is one of the most memorable occasions in a girl’s life. If able, many parents take time and spend money just to throw the best party for their children. But for would-be-debutant Ella May Quindoza, celebrating her 18th birthday was impossible.

Based on the comments on the Facebook post, Ella had died of ovarian cancer, and wasn’t able to live up to her 18th birthday. Saddened by the sudden loss, Ella’s family and friends decided to celebrate her birthday—without her physically.

To commemorate Ella’s bubbly and happy life, her friends—including the 18 roses and candles—went on with the celebration, using her picture in lieu of her physical presence.

A tarpaulin at the venue read: “A wish granted for her special day…the debutant. [sic]”

Each of Ella’s ’18 roses’ laid a rose on a table where Ella’s picture was placed, before giving their own personal messages for the deceased.

The Facebook post by Rosalie Carolino Quindoza garnered a lot of heartfelt messages and condolences from hundreds of netizens, reaching 1,300 likes as of this article’s writing.

Posted by Rosalie Carolino Quindoza on Thursday, February 2, 2017

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