These ‘See-through’ Skirts is The Newest Trend in Japan—But Take a Second Look before Anything Else!


Get ready because it’s going to get weird!

Aside from Manga and Anime, what comes to your mind when somebody mentions ‘Japan’? Well, Japan is widely known for their eccentric, shocking, and hilarious game shows. Their shows can be brutal and shocking at times, but it is always funny and entertaining. But did you know that Japan has probably one of the most bizarre fashion trends?

This latest fashion trend called the ‘see-through skirts’ will make men scramble to pack their bags and fly to Japan. But before they do, we would like to reveal a heart-breaking truth.

These ‘see-through’ skirts would probably be the newest fashion trend—only if it were real. Apparently, these photos were simply photoshopped for an adult magazine.

The multibillion-dollar pornography industry in Japan is a large and intertwined business of adult entertainment with unique characteristics that readily distinguish it from Western pornography.

The adult magazine who thought of the ‘see-through’ skirt aims to create a new, bizarre fetish for men who are into Japanese pornography.

If this was real, would you buy one?

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